Thursday, 9 August 2012

Finding balance!

Now is the time to be yourself, now is the time to connect with your inner divinity.  To find out once and for all who you REALLY are and what your spirits graves.  The time to be timid is gone.  The time to tippy to around issues is gone.  The time to be yourself, love yourself, the time to do what is best for you and what makes you happy has arrived.

What we need now is balance, work/life balance, feminine/masculine balance

The universe requires, God requires, the higher requires that there is balance in all things.

2012 is the year for balance, but guess what it is never too late to start.  It is time that we start nurturing ourselves, to thrive in that nurturing and to become one with our higher selves.

Our role now is to love and encourage, now is the time to shine your light, share your knowledge, be grateful and wish others a good soul path journey as we continue to learn more about who we are.

Find your balance, find who you are 

happy journey!!