Thursday, 21 June 2012

Do you know where you are and where you are going?

In order to get out of the rat race, in order to stop living paycheck by paycheck, in order to go from point A to point B need:

1-Know where you are - meaning how much money is coming in and out much is going out and you need to be able to track where your money is going. People say it I hard to budget, yes but a budget is not meant to be set in stone; you can change it until you get it right. In the old day's people did not know about budget what they did is just put the money in an envelope, nothing was bought on credit, as we love to do now, only the money you had was spent, wasn't life easier that way. I have come across this company, 

2- Know where you want to go - either is buying a house, get married and have kids, start your own business, you need to know why you are here, we are all here on the heart for something, just find what your life purpose is and go for it. Remember, once you achieve one goal, you will set new ones, that is life we grow every day and we need to keep on growing

3-Have a plan B - your plan B needs to be something that give you money without you having to work for it, investment (real estate, gold, silver, and online business or regular business as long as it is giving you more cash flow than your current debt.

To get out of the rat race, to be financially free you need to have more money coming in than debt when your passive income is more than your debt than you are out of the rat race, please refer to Robert Kiyosaki books, but my favorite is Rich Dad Poor Dad.

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