Saturday, 28 July 2012


Fear of Failure or fear of success???

We are so familiar with the fear of failure, but do we ever consider how we fear success at the same time.

How can we fear what we desire the most????

When we fear "failing" and we fear "succeeding" what is left is MEDIOCRITY, a place where an overwhelming majority of us are living.  Maybe never to know how powerful we can be...

I just finished the book called Life unlocked by Dr. Srini Pillay he wrote a chapter on the fear of success, it was so incredible to me to realize how I could relate, so in today's blog, I will share a few of those fear so that we can know about the obstacle that can stand between us and our goals, and take the appropriate step to remove them and move forward.

  • the fear of not being able to maintain success
  • the fear that success will attract people or opportunity that will pray upon us
  • the fear of losing our identity
  • the fear of competition
  • the fear of the unknown

Just to name a few

Does any of those sound familiar?  Those are just excuses that we repeat to ourselves, to prevent us from moving toward the life that we desire?


Now that you have acknowledged that your fear of failure is, in fact, a fear to succeed, you need to give yourself permission to step into your power and begin on living your life from this moment forward.  You are the creator of your life and your experiences.  Give yourself permission to live the life that you want.

As you embrace your fear of success, you can face your reality, You can now accept what is and make all your choices consciously from a place of love and acceptance of who you are at this moment.

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