Monday, 16 July 2012

It is your obligation to be rich!

It seems like there has always been a conflict between money and religion.

As if being rich means that you cannot be religious. As if want for more money means there is no love for God.

The true measure of your wealth is found in your ability to manifest and create the world around you to fit your vision or your greatest life.

I firmly believe that God wants all of us to be rich so that we can experience the incredible life he has created for us.

It is not about having or not having things, it is about the experience.  We were brought up with the saying: "Money doesn't bring you happiness" but how come the most needed thing on heart right now is more money, money gives you freedom, and freedom brings you happiness, if you turn money into evil, well that is your choice, When you have the money you can do good, not all rich people are greedy, rich people do the most good for other, why are we so jealous of them????

God blessed up with the knowledge and talents to build the most extraordinary things (beautiful homes, cars, cruise ship)...  so we could experience the best of life , so why are we preventing ourself from enjoying them. Why are we limiting ourself  by saying that it is best to leave those things behind.

Gob blessed us with free will and a strong mind in order to choose to experience all the abundance he has place for us to enjoy during this life.  But we don't, we are ignoring them.  He made sure that we see them often to remind us that we can choose the life that  we want, we can choose to be free.. But we are so afraid of what other people might think and say about us, that we rather be miserable and pretend to be a good Christian.

God wants us to be RICH, God wants us to experience the best that life has to offer.  That is his gift to each one of us.  We are only here on heart for a short time, I believe it would be an insult to him If I did not do my absolute best to see and experience all the amazing things he's created in this world.

God is by definition a creator, which mean the closest you can ever get to God, is when you allow yourself to  use the gift he is given you to design and create your greatest life.

Whether they are your friends, your family, or your co-worker, DO NOT let other people poverty mentality infect your mind and your spirit.  They are slaves in a prison of their own making, because they do not have the confidence or belief that they deserve all that life has to offer.

Your destiny is unlimited abundance if you are simply willing to accept that gift and take the first step to change your life to the one that you truly want and deserve.

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