Monday, 23 July 2012

Self empowerment and success

Everything that happens to us happens for a reason.  And sometimes one thing lead to another.  Instead of locking yourself up in a cage of fear and crying over past heartaches, embarrassment and failures, treat this situations as your teachers and they will become your tools in both self empowerment and success.

So when does self empowerment become synonymous with success? Where do we start?...

  • Stop thinking and feeling as if you are a failure, because you are not. How can others accept YOU if you cannot accept YOU?
  • When you see others that you envy for any reasons, STOP YOURSELF RIGHT THERE, and focus on your own beauty, stop focusing on self pitying.
  • When people feel down and low about themselves, help them up.  Do not let yourself get drag down in other people's negativity and misery.
  • The world is your classroom, always be on a learning mode - learn from all your failures.
  • Take things one step at a time. Changes don't happen overnight, self empowerment is a process of taking lots of small steps that ultimately adds up to something extremely beautiful and profound.
  • Set meaningful and achievable goals. Don't try to become the exact replica of your idols, take the goods from each of your teachers and make it yours.
  • Little things mean a LOT to other people. A little "hello" or "how are you" or even just a smile can make somebody's day.  So always be grateful for all that is around you.

We should always remember there is no such thing as overnight success.  Be grateful for every moment of your life which has brought you to this moment here and now.  You have probably heard the classic quote: " When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."  We are all here to learn our lesson.  Our parents, school teachers, friends, colleagues, neighbours...they are all our teachers.  When we open our heart and mind to the path of self empowerment, we increase our chance of happiness, success and lasting inner peace. 

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